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Recycle Sex Toys

Recycle Your Sex Toys

draw full of sex toys

​We all love our sex toys, but very few last forever and having a vibrator graveyard in your bedside draw isn't a great look if someone goes snooping. The question is, do you want your pleasure to be contributing to landfill and environmental problems? Of course you don't.

​There's now an environmentally friendly option when it comes to cleaning out the 'toy box'. You're not alone if you have a draw or box, full of broken vibrators, plugs, strap-ons, dildos, or whatever, and it's easier than you think to responsibly despond of these items. We've found the best options and listed them right here for you so you don't have to go trawling the internet. No need to thank us 😉

​You recycle your bottles, cans, and paper. Why not recycle your old sex toys!

Most sex toy recycling services make it very simple, you simply pop your used toy(s) in a jiffy bag and send them off, the service you choose will have your toys cleaned and disassembled.

The rubber, silicone, plastic and electronic parts will be sent to recycling facilities that can prepare the various materials for reuse. Some sex toy recycling programs will even recycle your batteries if you leave them in.

​You recycle your bottles, cans, and paper. Why not recycle your old sex toys!

sex toy recycle bin

Now, when you are enjoying your favourite sex toy, you can have the pleasure without the guilt. You recycle everything else, but sex toys are things that most people won't want to take to the recycling centre.

Well there is a way to discreetly recycle your sex toys now. When it's time to get rid of that old, broken or unused sex toy, you will be helping our environment. You can feel good that you have you part to reduce consumer waste and landfills. With everything you recycle, you're also helping to cut down on toxic chemicals that leech into our soil and our ground water.

What's in it for me?

Not content with the warm, fuzzy feeling of well being you get when you make our world a better place? Thats fine because there are some sex toy recycling programs that offer you perks. We'll list these here.

Here are the top, sex toy recycling services in the UK.

Forbidden Obsession logo

Forbidden Obsession will not only recycle your broken and discarded sex toys, but these kind folk will also send you a free gift voucher as a thank you for loving the environment.
Head on over to their recycling page for more info and to get started:

LoveHoney Sexual Happiness Logo

Lovehoney are one of the leading sex toy stores in the UK, They have a 'Rabbit Amnesty' service, offering to recycle your sex toys for free, sadly they no longer offer loyalty points when you recycle with them:

USA Sex Toy Recycling Programs

Sadly, the situation with recycling sex toys in the USA is not great. There was one service, that not only offered a recycling service, but also sold sex toys made from recycled materials. These guys are recommended everywhere and the site's still up, but sadly the program is no longer running.

Scarlet Girl, were the only remaining sex toy website offering a recycling service, this is on hold currently but the message on their web site says it will be back. We will wait and see.

If you are in the USA, the carbon footprint for sending your unused sex toys over to one of the UK services above may still be better than landfill. We'll leave that one up to you.​