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Fun With Sex Toys And Phone Sex

You can pick up the phone and talk to hot, gorgeous women who LOVE
playing with their sex toys, RIGHT NOW!

Call our 24/7 Live Phone Sex Hotline For Some Serious Sexy Fun

09825 061 354

Calls Cost 36p per minute plus access charge

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Want to pick up the phone and call a slutty girls who's up for wanking herself with her dildo while you listen? Maybe even join in? Of course you want to, and you can. 

We've got a direct line to the hottest girls in the UK, they've all got their sex toys ready and each lady is gagging to get wet and sexy with you on the phone. These lines give you a quick choice of girl, then go direct to these chicks home phones. After all, a call centre is never sexy.

Our girls are always alone, usually on their sofa or relaxing on the bed and this is why they are so much more playful than other phone sex girls.

They Love Masturbation

The girls you'll get to speak to on the number we're about to share, really do love masturbation. Guys aren't stupid. They can tell a faker when they hear one, and it's not sexy. Any sex, even if it's phone sex should be a two way thing. If you're both enjoying it then it's so much better. We know most men agree, it's more fun if it's real, so lets make it real.

We've got girls waiting at home right now, and we mean right now. We've got horny women waiting to start fingering their pussies, stroking their tits and fucking themselves with their dildos around the clock. When ever you call, you'll be satisfied.

There's more to these phone sex girls than their slutty exteriors

These women love sex, and they love fingering and toy fucking their wet cunts, but there's more to our ladies than this. Highly sexually charged and not at all shy, our girls are good at getting you hard and making you cum. You'd be forgiven, with this in mind, for thinking that these girls were purely sexual beings, with no intelligence or interests outside of getting fucked and screaming in pleasure.

Actually, you'll be surprised and the girls waiting to talk to you. Of course, phone sex is popular with university students. Students are around on and off all day and night, and it's a great way to pass time between lectures and partying. There are also women from pretty high powered jobs such as directors of companies, bank managers etc.

Who knows, your boss might enjoy stripping naked and playing with herself while talking explicitly on the phone. It's often the unlikely candidates that have a kinky sex life outside of work after all. They burn off steam, and there's an element of excitement, talking so explicitly and getting that personal with a complete stranger.


09825 061 354

Calls Cost 36p per minute plus access charge

Anettea Sucking A Pink Sex Toy, Topless

It's so much better to have some help when you want to cum

So you occasionally like to put on some porn and start stroking your dick. Every man does. It's a great way to de stress and you get that amazing rush at the end, but did you know the rush can be better?

Your orgasm will be stronger if you get some female help here. The reasons are psychological, and this is no psychology blog, but basically, the human mind will let your body cum harder and with more intensity if you are interacting with another person. It doesn't matter that this is phone sex, the human mind loves it all the same.

Masturbating with someone heightens everything. You're combined pleasure mingles to create something even better. Of course, the ultimate wank has to end with both of you, your phone sex partner and yourself, reaching orgasm together.

If you've never tried this then you need to, really. Yes - Porn makes wanking better, but you're not masturbating live, with a hot slut who wants to hear you moan as she punishes her little pussy. There really isn't anything like it, and there's a girl for you wnatever your tastes are.

Phone sex tips, what happens when I call....

When you call our number, which is cheap to call by the way, you'll get a quick menu where you can choose the girl you want to call. Skip through the recordings of available girls using the '1' key on your phone, and press '*' as soon as you hear the girl you want to talk to. You'll be connected to her home phone where she'll be alone and waiting to play with you.

It's always best to be clear about what you want when you call. Don't be afraid to just come out with any sexual suggestions that are on your mind. Most of the time you won't have any problem turning the conversation over to fucking, just because that's usually whats on the mind of these little sluts, but if the conversation isn't going the way you want it to, just steer it right.

The great thing about the girls we have collected together is that they are filthy and extremely sexual. Unlike normal women you may meet at work or in a pub, you can just come out and ask one of our girls to slide her fingers down the front of her knickers to check if her pussy is nice and wet. When you call our girls, that kind of talk gets her turned on and craving your dick. Try that in a pub and you'll probably get a slap, thrown out, or even arrested!! So.... yeah, better not do that. And DEFINITELY don't make highly sexual suggestions to anyone at work. You'll have HR descending on you before you can say P45.

Get your cock hard and get ready to have some hot CHEAP PHONE SEX!

09825 061 354

Calls Cost 36p per minute plus access charge

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One number is all a lot of guys want, it simplifies things if you are in the mood for some fun. Who wants a choice of 100 different phone sex numbers if you are horny and just want a sexy girl to wank you off. No, one number is great for a lot of you, but if you are looking for more variety, we've got you covered.

We are always checking out new phone sex services, and we'll occasionally post one here for you to check out. One that we've seen recently is one of the best new phone sex websites in the UK, There are a lot of cheap phone sex numbers on this site for you to call and, unlike a lot of sites, it looks like this one is getting updated regularly which is always a plus in our eyes.

There's a great variety of ladies to choose from, young sluts, old sluts, posh sluts... you get the picture. The best bit is, they've kept the costs right down, we'd never recommend expensive phone sex - with the amazing girls on some of the cheaper services, it's just not worth paying any more. The problem is which one to choose, but that's not a problem now because you are now armed with some of the best phone sex numbers in the UK!!!

So if our special number here isn't enough for you, head on over to Direct Phone Sex.

More Phone Sex For UK People

We've recently checked out a site offering cheap phone sex in the UK, which was relaunched in 2017. The site is clear and it's very easy to find a the phone sex service you are looking for. There are also lots of fantasy scenarios and erotic stories to get you going and give you some x rated inspiration. The phone sex lines are cheap enough and the quality of the girls available when we tried some of the lines were very good. So there's another phone sex site to have a look at when you want some fun help with your sexual frustrations.

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There's a great new adult phone sex site with some amazing babes available for a nice 121 wank

Try for cheap phone sex. This site has everything a phone sex lover would ever want.

Know any really good phone sex sites? let us know.

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